1. Night Moves for This Is Fly

    01 Nov 2015
    For the October / November 2015 issue of This Is Fly, written by Mark Rauschenberger

  2. Five photography essentials (and they have nothing to do with gear)

    20 Aug 2015
    Forget about a specific lens or camera, these are the things that keep me going day to day as a working photographer.  1. COFFEE The tried and true elixir of creatives around the world. Plenty of sunrise shoots, client meetings and late night edits have been fueled by this nectar…

  3. Rapha Golden Ride

    01 Aug 2015

  4. Capt. Blake Sellers for Rolling Stone

    04 Jul 2015
    I got the email from Rolling Stone about a week before my wedding, asking if I could photograph some portraits of a nuclear missileer; the person who takes direct orders from the President of the United States to launch irreversible nuclear missiles capable of reaching the other side of the…

  5. Red Bull BC One Denver 2015

    03 Jul 2015
    At the start of June, Red Bull reached out to ask if I could shoot the Denver stop of their worldwide breakdancing competition, the Red Bull BC One. Going for 12 years now, the BC One takes place in notable cities around the globe, with the world finals happening in…

  6. Jen Lewin shot for Work Space

    15 May 2015
    Meet Jen Lewin, mega creative interactive light and sound artist based in Boulder, Colorado. Her project The Pool has traveled the world and continues to do so.  Shot for Work Space, a personal project about creative people doing cool work in unique spaces.

  7. In the studio with Mike Giant

    07 May 2015
    When I heard Mike Giant had relocated from San Francisco to Boulder, I knew I had to email him.  His work has been shown in galleries around the world, and his collaborations include working with brands like Cinelli and Sharpie, with Major Lazer even featuring Mike’s signature style. When Mike…

  8. Bill Stevenson of Descendents / Black Flag / All

    06 May 2015
    Both an honor and a pleasure getting to photograph Bill Stevenson at his studio, The Blasting Room, for my Work Space photo series about creative people doing cool work in interesting spaces. Being the drummer for Descendents / Black Flag / ALL means you’ve influenced countless drummers out there, some…

  9. FootJoy x Boa Technology

    18 Mar 2015
    Some recent golf work I shot for FootJoy x Boa Technology, via Legwork >>> 

  10. California Roll 7 of 7

    06 Mar 2015
    Los Angeles

  11. California Roll 6 of 7

    05 Mar 2015

  12. California Roll 5 of 7

    04 Mar 2015
    La Jolla

  13. California Roll 4 of 7

    04 Mar 2015
    Huntington Beach at night

  14. California Roll 3 of 7

    04 Mar 2015
    February in Southern California

  15. California Roll 2 of 7

    04 Mar 2015
    The Wedge // Newport Beach

  16. California Roll 1 of 7

    04 Mar 2015
    Huntington Beach

  17. Good Riddance at Summit Music Hall

    31 Jan 2015
    A few favorites of a band I’ve been a fan of for years now, Good Riddance Shot with a Fuji X100S

  18. 4/20 for Stern

    02 Dec 2014
    New work in Stern // Shot for a story on the economic impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado The headline roughly translates to “Winning the subculture - With US states allowing cannabis, the industry is booming. The material attracts tourists, creates jobs - and is making people rich”

  19. Backstage with Capital Cities

    02 Oct 2014
    From soundcheck to the encore and everything in between, I spent a day photographing Capital Cities for Rolling Stone  // more of my favorites at

  20. Smoke Break

    01 Oct 2014
    Soundcheck cigar break with Capital Cities’ drummer Channing Cook Holmes, shot for Rolling Stone // more at

  21. Everything in Transition

    27 Sep 2014
    One of the best times of the year in Colorado right now, everything in transition

  22. Max Morello for The Ski Journal

    12 Sep 2014
    Check out The Ski Journal 8.1 for my shot of Max Morello filming for Poor Boyz Productions’ new film, TWENTY

  23. Niklas Eriksson

    23 Aug 2014
    Niklas Eriksson on top of Schweitzer Mountain during a shoot for Level 1’s new film, Less

  24. 17 Jul 2014

  25. 8:04 PM

    16 Jul 2014
    Rocky Mountain National Park for Land Rover

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