Detroit Bikes for School

At the start of fall I was contacted by Boulder-based ad agency School to work together in creating assets for Detroit Bikes, a company whose mission is to encourage cycling by making an accessible, enjoyable bicycle while continuing Detroit’s legacy of quality manufacturing and design.

The idea for the images were that they had to convey just the pure joy and freedom that riding a bike evokes, while it also serves as a tool for the late 20’s early 30’s crowd to get around town on for both work and play. 

After pushing the shoot date back three times due to weather, we eventually lucked out with a warm and hazy early fall evening. As the models set out on bikes, we took off in the agency intern’s Pathfinder, with myself and my assistant shooting from the back window, and School’s Integrated Producer behind the wheel with their Art Director riding shotgun reviewing images coming in from my camera on my iPad.

By the end of the evening we came away with a number of images we were excited about; images that felt real and relatable with the experience at the forefront, instead of just the product.

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