The Platte for This Is Fly

Sometimes it’s not about where you can go but what you can find where you already are. 

For our 6th feature for This Is FlyI joined writer Mark Rauschenberger and pro skier Ahmet Dadali on bikes with fishing rods in hand, to shoot a story based on fishing in the heart of Denver along the Platte River Trail.

The goal for this feature was to explore our options closer to home, navigating the gritty banks of the Platte in search of ‘city carp’. 

Our feature ran as the cover story in the December issue of This Is Fly.

“Behind me is downtown Denver, complete with skyscrapers, noisy construction, and honking cars” - Mark Rauschenberger

“Back on the bikes, we pedal a little further south into the heart of downtown Denver. Along the way, we try our best to plot a new plan of attack” - Mark Rauschenberger

“What a trip it is to be surrounded by the city’s chaos and to find myself in a very familiar situation - standing in a river, waving a stick” - Mark Rauschenberger

“We fill our backpacks with fly rods, terminal tackle, and some adult beverages, hop on bikes, and search for giant carp. From my home, it is a short pedal to reach the Platte River Trail that bisects downtown Denver” - Mark Rauschenberger

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