1. Mutton Bustin’ selected for Applied Arts 2024 Photo Awards Annual

    2024-03-12 18:51:00 UTC
    Big thanks to Applied Arts for selecting this series I photographed for Mountain Gazette for the 2024 Photo Awards Annual! These photos come from a larger body of work I photographed over a few months for a feature on the world of mutton bustin’ and rodeo culture, as written by…

  2. Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone for HarperCollins

    2023-09-21 20:06:00 UTC
    Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone for the cover of her new book Far Beyond Gold: Running From Fear To Faith Sydney is the reigning Olympic and world champion in women’s 400m hurdles, and also holds the world record in the event! We spent an afternoon shooting…

  3. Hermanos Gutiérrez at Ogden Theatre

    2023-09-20 19:58:00 UTC

  4. Full Moon Evans

    2023-08-31 19:47:00 UTC
    Full Moon Evans:  A 100 mile bike ride starting in the evening from Denver with a steady climb to the top of Mount Evans at 14,130’ under the Super Blue Moon

  5. The Bronx at Mission Ballroom

    2023-08-18 19:40:00 UTC

  6. Slightly Stoopid at Red Rocks

    2023-08-14 19:36:00 UTC

  7. H2O & Gorilla Biscuits at Oriental Theater

    2023-07-21 19:24:00 UTC

  8. New work for United Airlines with 72andSunny

    2023-06-26 19:13:00 UTC
    Summer is here and that means it’s time to fly! In May I was given the opportunity to work with an awesome team from 72andSunny  to shoot new work for United Airlines. The goal for the shoot was to capture a mix of images at one of United’s new gates…

  9. Mutton Busting for Mountain Gazette

    2023-05-12 18:45:00 UTC
    Excited to finally share a feature Ari Schneider and I worked on for Mountain Gazette about the world of rodeo — specifically mutton busting. We tagged along with two brothers (3 & 5 years old) with aspirations of becoming bull riders, we went to numerous events at the National Western…

  10. The Coffee Ride awarded in International Motion Art Awards 11

    2023-05-10 18:35:00 UTC
    Sometimes you shoot and direct weird stuff with your friends and then it’s selected for the International Motion Art Awards 11 collection! Thanks to AI-AP for the recognition!

  11. Dog The Bounty Hunter chosen for American Photography 39

    2023-04-04 18:37:00 UTC
    A big THANKS to American Photography for choosing my portrait of Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman for the AP39 archive!  This portrait was from a shoot for HarperCollins for his new book — Nine Lives and Counting: A Bounty Hunter’s Journey to Faith, Hope, and Redemption. For more info,…

  12. Hermanos Gutiérrez at Boulder Theater

    2023-03-31 19:17:24 UTC

  13. Dew Tour 2023 for Monster Energy at Copper Mountain

    2023-02-27 19:07:24 UTC

  14. Hermanos Gutiérrez at Ball Arena with Nathaniel Rateliff

    2022-12-18 18:49:21 UTC
    Hermanos Gutiérrez performing live in concert at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado with Nathaniel Rateliff

  15. Hermanos Gutiérrez at Globe Hall

    2022-11-11 18:00:16 UTC

  16. The Chats at Summit Music Hall

    2022-10-18 14:41:15 UTC
    From The Chats’ live show at Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado on October 14, 2022

  17. The Bronx at Summit Music Hall

    2022-10-16 20:23:00 UTC
    From The Bronx live show at Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado on October 14, 2022 Here’s the playlist of their setlist from this show on Apple Music.

  18. Dog The Bounty Hunter for HarperCollins

    2022-08-22 22:57:00 UTC
    Getting an email from HarperCollins about photographing an upcoming book cover for them was a cool surprise. What made it even better is that I’d be photographing someone we all know – Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman The concept for the shoot was to create a high contrast portrait…

  19. Casio G-Shock

    2022-07-22 17:17:15 UTC
    G-Shock reached out to me recently about shooting some of their new watches with Joseph Gray, a 9x World Trail/Mountain Running Champ and 21x USA National Champ! (🤯) I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe in the past for a feature in Red Bull’s magazine The Red Bulletin,…

  20. High Summer for Brunello Cucinelli

    2022-07-22 16:13:44 UTC
    I recently worked alongside production company The Bureau in Los Angeles, to capture photo assets for Brunello Cucinelli’s new campaign, ‘High Summer’. Our creative direction was outlined as a lifestyle shoot among friends roller skating at the iconic Venice Beach Skate Dance Plaza! Hard to ask for anything better right?! …

  21. AAA HealthConnect

    2022-04-20 17:52:00 UTC
    Back in February I was given the opportunity to shoot new assets for AAA HealthConnect with my friends at Fact & Fiction! HealthConnect focuses on healthy aging with reliable information, trusted resources, and personal support for 55+ year olds navigating through life’s transitions. The shoot was a fun and fast…

  22. The Coffee Ride

    2022-01-31 23:31:22 UTC
    The Coffee Ride roasts by hand and delivers by bike. It’s so old fashioned, it’s new again. I’ve been a fan of the coffee from The Coffee Ride for a while now – but after learning that the owner’s grandfather used to be a milkman himself, I knew this would…

  23. Slushy Banquets in The Ski Journal

    2021-09-28 20:50:00 UTC
    One of my favorites in the latest issue of The Ski Journal (15.1), shot during a storm at Wolf Creek, Colorado 🍻 “Going bell to bell means rubber legs, slushy Banquets, and recapping the best runs (and better falls) with your friends. At Wolf Creek, CO the Brothers Fuller and

  24. The One Club for Creativity Denver Annual Show

    2020-12-14 21:33:00 UTC
    Proud to say that a mix of client work and personal work of mine was recognized in the One Club for Creativity Denver Chapter Annual Show recently! There was some awesome work throughout the show from agencies and fellow freelancers, so I’m especially grateful to be included.  Thanks to the…

  25. National Brotherhood of Skiers for Outside

    2020-12-10 22:07:15 UTC
    Some portraits I shot of the National Brotherhood of Skiers made their way into the December issue of Outside.  As the largest assemblage of black skiers and snowboarders across the United States, the NBS has been getting together annually, for both business and pleasure, since its first trip to Aspen…

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