1. Slushy Banquets in The Ski Journal

    28 Sep 2021
    One of my favorites¬†in the latest issue of The Ski Journal (15.1), shot during a storm¬†at Wolf Creek, Colorado ūüćĽ ‚ÄúGoing bell to bell means rubber legs, slushy Banquets, and recapping the best runs (and better falls) with your friends. At Wolf Creek, CO the Brothers Fuller and‚Ķ

  2. The One Club for Creativity Denver Annual Show

    14 Dec 2020
    Proud to say that a mix of client work and personal work of mine was recognized in the One Club for Creativity Denver Chapter Annual Show recently! There was some awesome work throughout the show from agencies and fellow freelancers, so I’m especially grateful to be included.  Thanks to the…

  3. National Brotherhood of Skiers for Outside

    10 Dec 2020
    Some portraits I shot of the National Brotherhood of Skiers made their way into the December issue of Outside.  As the largest assemblage of black skiers and snowboarders across the United States, the NBS has been getting together annually, for both business and pleasure, since its first trip to Aspen…

  4. Joseph Gray for Red Bull

    18 Nov 2020
    This fall Red Bull brought¬†me on to shoot a feature for the Heroes issue of¬†The Red Bulletin¬†again ‚Ästthis time with Joseph Gray, an 8x World Trail/Mountain Running Champ and 18x USA National Champ.¬† Joseph¬†is also¬†the first Black American to not only make the Team‚Ķ

  5. Colorado Governor Jared Polis for Mountain Gazette

    10 Nov 2020
    ‚ÄúHow close to the edge are you thinking..?‚ÄĚ - Gov. Polis Mountain Gazette is back.¬†Having started¬†in 1966, ‚Äúthe legendarily irreverent magazine that featured the writings of Hunter S. Thompson, George Sibley¬†and Edward Abbey‚ÄĚ has returned¬†as a massive¬†semi-annual publication aimed at capturing and commenting on outdoor‚Ķ

  6. Polarity

    03 Jul 2020
    Fly fishing can be as thrilling as it can humbling, and as defeating as it can, addictive. In the words of Alan Watts, ‚Äúlife is not a conflict between opposites, but a polarity.‚ÄĚ A personal project shot in Wyoming‚Äôs early spring, made from lunch beers, wet socks, and no cell‚Ķ

  7. Brave New Wheel for Bicycling magazine

    07 Apr 2020
    In early April Bicycling reached out to me to spend a day with Brave New Wheel, a service oriented bike shop based in Fort Collins, for a feature showing cyclists on the frontlines of the coronavirus; from the ER doc who relies on their bike to get to work, to…

  8. FirstBank ‘You Work Hard’ campaign in The Fifty by Ad Club CO

    27 Feb 2020
    Big thanks to my friends at Image Brew + TDA Boulder¬†for bringing me on¬†to photograph¬†part¬†of a campaign for FirstBank!¬† ‚ÄėYou Work Hard‚Äô¬†was recently included in Ad Club CO‚Äôs¬†prestigious competition, The Fifty.¬†¬†Held annually, these awards are a media-agnostic, idea first measurement of the‚Ķ

  9. In the sky for AFAR

    09 Jan 2020
    Check out the January/February¬†issue of¬†AFAR¬†for an aerial shot of¬†mine taken in the San Juans.¬† Imagine single digit temps at the top of the mountain,¬†drone batteries that need to warm up first,¬†an iPhone 7 that keeps turning off because it‚Äôs so cold,¬†fancy schmancy ‚ÄėActive‚Ķ

  10. Thomas “Detour” Evans for Red Bull

    19 Nov 2019
    Earlier this fall Red Bull reached out to me as they needed some portraits of an artist by the name of Thomas Evans, aka, Detour. These portraits would go on to run in Red Bull’s magazine The Red Bulletin, which highlighted not only the artist himself but also an upcoming…

  11. Wolf Creek for Powder Magazine

    09 Oct 2019
    Shot for the October 2019 issue of Powder Magazine¬†for a feature on Wolf Creek ‚Ästone of Colorado‚Äôs last independent ski areas and home to the highest average snowfall in the entire state.¬† Don‚Äôt forget the chili.

  12. New work for Vinyl Me, Please

    08 Oct 2019
    Recently I was asked by ‚Äúthe best damn record club‚ÄĚ, also¬†known as¬†Vinyl Me, Please,¬†to help show how dedicated they are to pressing the highest quality vinyl they can, while remastering and reissuing classics from iconic artists ranging from¬†Art Blakey to the¬†Ramones.¬†This shoot was a‚Ķ

  13. Miller & Debbie Harrell for AARP

    07 Aug 2019
    New work photographed¬†for AARP about a couple who are¬†fulfilling their¬†dream of hiking the Colorado Trail¬†‚Äď a 567 mile hike from Durango to Denver¬†at an average elevation of 10.3k ft

  14. FirstBank Print Campaign with TDA Boulder and Image Brew

    20 May 2019
    ‚ÄúWe need to show a guy working in an air duct and a busy doctor in an office full of patients‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒ my friends at Image Brew and TDA Boulder had a request that got my wheels spinning as soon as I hung up the phone. The client for this‚Ķ

  15. Portraits for X Games Real Ski

    04 Mar 2019
    Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a series of portraits for ESPN’s X Games Real Ski event - which included a mix of professional skiers, filmmakers, and judges.  These athletes are based all over the world, and they were in Denver for the filming of an hour-long special that…

  16. Ram Trucks

    05 Dec 2018
    This fall I joined the folks at¬†Motive¬†to¬†photograph¬†three individuals who celebrate the ‚ÄėFarmer In All Of Us‚Äô¬†for Ram Trucks We met an 18 year old farmer¬†taking over her 200 year old family farm in Kentucky, a recent Cornell grad who farms in Upstate New York,‚Ķ

  17. Dave Mackey for The Red Bulletin

    04 Dec 2018
    When Red Bull reached out to me about¬†photographing a¬†feature on¬†Ultrarunner¬†Dave Mackey for their magazine,¬†The Red Bulletin,¬†I couldn‚Äôt believe the story I was being asked to photograph. The feature¬†would¬†be included in the magazine‚Äôs¬†first¬†‚ÄėHeroes Of The Year‚Äô issue¬†and I quickly‚Ķ

  18. Great Escape Colorado for Lonely Planet

    14 Nov 2018
    If you’re in the UK check out the November issue of Lonely Planet magazine for a feature I photographed throughout Colorado Earlier this summer I joined writer Alex Howard for an epic week-long journey through Colorado, including stops in Denver, Telluride, Durango, and Cortez. From curry cauliflower and tequila shots…

  19. Roads To Ride for Soigneur Cycling Journal

    07 Jul 2018
    Soigneur Cycling Journal reached out recently to feature some images from my Front Range photo series, as part of their Roads To Ride feature in the July 2018 issue The rides that Soigneur has featured range from moderate to difficult, including the ride up Pike’s Peak, which means a 19…

  20. DESCENDENTS in Boulder

    10 Jun 2018
    DESCENDENTS live. No security, all fun. Photographed at Boulder Theater - 6/8/18.

  21. North Podcast - Mike Giant Interview

    02 Jun 2018
    On this episode of North, I interview illustrator + artist Mike Giant.  We discuss a pretty wide range of topics, from the origins of house music, to the importance of practicing your craft everyday and seeking inspiration from a broad range of material. Some of Mike’s clients include Vans,…

  22. This Is North

    07 May 2018
    One of my goals for 2018 was to start a podcast interviewing other creatives about how to navigate a career based in creativity.In the past I’ve had some great, candid conversations with fellow photographers, athletes, and musicians. I wanted to start getting some of the advice I’ve heard out there…

  23. World Photography Organisation Interview

    12 Sep 2017
    World Photography Organisation¬†recently¬†interviewed me about The Fellowship ‚Äď a feature¬†photographed for Powder Magazine about the National Brotherhood of Skiers >>> read the interview by clicking¬†here

  24. The Fence 2017

    10 Jul 2017
    Honored to share the news that my feature ‚ÄėThe Fellowship‚Äô, photographed for Powder Magazine about the National Brotherhood of Skiers, has been¬†selected for United Photo Industries‚Äô THE FENCE 2017 as part of the Colorado Regional Showcase.¬† THE FENCE is a large-scale traveling photography exhibition reaching over 4 million visitors‚Ķ

  25. Thanks for the views Portland

    21 Jun 2017

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