1. North Podcast - Mike Giant Interview

    02 Jun 2018
    On this episode of North, I interview illustrator + artist Mike Giant.  We discuss a pretty wide range of topics, from the origins of house music, to the importance of practicing your craft everyday and seeking inspiration from a broad range of material. Some of Mike’s clients include Vans,…

  2. This Is North

    07 May 2018
    One of my goals for 2018 was to start a podcast interviewing other creatives about how to navigate a career based in creativity.In the past I’ve had some great, candid conversations with fellow photographers, athletes, and musicians. I wanted to start getting some of the advice I’ve heard out there…

  3. World Photography Organisation Interview

    12 Sep 2017
    World Photography Organisation¬†recently¬†interviewed me about The Fellowship ‚Äď a feature¬†photographed for Powder Magazine about the National Brotherhood of Skiers >>> read the interview by clicking¬†here

  4. The Fence 2017

    10 Jul 2017
    Honored to share the news that my feature ‚ÄėThe Fellowship‚Äô, photographed for Powder Magazine about the National Brotherhood of Skiers, has been¬†selected for United Photo Industries‚Äô THE FENCE 2017 as part of the Colorado Regional Showcase.¬† THE FENCE is a large-scale traveling photography exhibition reaching over 4 million visitors‚Ķ

  5. Thanks for the views Portland

    21 Jun 2017

  6. Prints For Good

    26 May 2017
    If you’re digging these prints of Parker White and Dash Longe, they’ll be available for auction (among others) at the Art & Action High Fives Foundation Fundraiser, happening at Evo Denver on Friday June 2nd, from 7 - 10pm  See you there - Parker White Dash Longe

  7. American Photography 33 Archive

    14 Apr 2017
    It’s an honor to say that an image of mine was chosen to be added to the American Photography Archive this year; a portrait from a feature photographed for Powder about the National Brotherhood of Skiers. Winning images are first nominated by a jury and then must receive multiple votes…

  8. How to photograph an incredibly talented trumpeter

    29 Mar 2017
    Recently I had the opportunity to photograph an incredibly talented trumpeter by the name of Spencer Ludwig.  You’ve definitely heard his song ’Diggy’ in all of the Target commercials lately, and he’s currently touring throughout North America kicking out the jams.  After some emailing back and forth we decided that…

  9. Boa Rebrand

    16 Mar 2017
    Beginning in November I embarked on a 12 day shoot over a two month period for Boa Technology, in locations all over the West coast from Mammoth Mountain to outer Seattle and the hills above Laguna Beach. Our goal was to capture a large mix of photo and video assets…

  10. The Platte for This Is Fly

    20 Feb 2017
    Sometimes it’s not about where you can go but what you can find where you already are. For our 6th feature for This Is Fly, I joined writer Mark Rauschenberger and pro skier Ahmet Dadali on bikes with fishing rods in hand, to shoot a story based on fishing in…

  11. DESCENDENTS Bill Stevenson for Modern Drummer

    27 Nov 2016
    One of my favorite shoots from my ongoing personal project called Work Space (a photo series of cool people doing cool work in cool spaces), was getting to photograph drummer/producer Bill Stevenson at his studio where he records and produces albums for a huge roster of bands including his own…

  12. Thanks to the Art Directors Club Denver!

    03 Oct 2016
    Thanks to the Art Directors Club Denver for Friday night’s party!  Pleased to say that I was awarded Top Honors in the Photography category for Night Moves, while also getting a nomination for Road Trip  More info about the show at

  13. Detroit Bikes for School

    27 Sep 2016
    At the start of fall I was contacted by Boulder-based ad agency School to work together in creating assets for Detroit Bikes, a company whose mission is to encourage cycling by making an accessible, enjoyable bicycle while continuing Detroit’s legacy of quality manufacturing and design The idea for the images…

  14. National Brotherhood of Skiers for Powder

    15 Sep 2016
    Last spring Powder’s Director of Photography came to me with the opportunity to shoot a portrait heavy feature in Lake Tahoe. The magazine wanted to do a feature on the National Brotherhood of Skiers, an all African-American organization comprised of various ski clubs from around the U.S. which got it’s…

  15. The Art Directors Club of Denver Annual Show

    31 Aug 2016
    The Art Directors Club of Denver has been in existence since 1955, with an annual juried competition held each year to showcase the best of Denver’s ad agencies and creatives.   After 20 international judges made their picks for this year’s show, I’m pleased to share that both my entries have…

  16. Union Station for Legwork Studio

    25 Aug 2016
    Recently I had the chance to work with Legwork Studio here in Denver for a shoot profiling the Union Station neighborhood. Legwork produces animation/interactive work for a range of brands and agencies, and after being a fan of theirs for a few years now it was awesome to finally get…

  17. Stand Up Paddle Boarding for 5280

    23 Aug 2016
    Earlier in the summer 5280 reached out to me about shooting some standup paddle boarding (SUP!) somewhere within Colorado. The magazine’s Photo Editor needed an opening image for the Adventure section of their July issue and it had to feel like it was shot on a classically hot Colorado summer…

  18. Millencolin at Summit Music Hall

    23 Jun 2016
    6/3/16 - Denver, CO

  19. FLAG at Summit Music Hall

    21 Jun 2016
    6/4/16 - Denver, CO

  20. Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album Review

    11 Apr 2016
    Update August 2017: Since I first printed an AU Layflat Photo Album, and my latest being in May 2017, AU has modified their color profile specifically for their Layflat Photo Albums to produce a more saturated, high contrast image when printed. What this means is that if you’re not…

  21. Modular Robotics Behind The Scenes

    15 Nov 2015
    Behind the scenes from a recent photoshoot for Modular Robotics’ ad campaign, with help from Roger! Filmed by Josh Groth. More at

  22. Night Moves for This Is Fly

    01 Nov 2015
    For the October / November 2015 issue of This Is Fly, written by Mark Rauschenberger

  23. Five photography essentials (and they have nothing to do with gear)

    20 Aug 2015
    Forget about a specific lens or camera, these are the things that keep me going day to day as a working photographer.  1. COFFEE The tried and true elixir of creatives around the world. Plenty of sunrise shoots, client meetings and late night edits have been fueled by this nectar…

  24. Rapha Golden Ride

    01 Aug 2015

  25. Capt. Blake Sellers for Rolling Stone

    04 Jul 2015
    I got the email from Rolling Stone about a week before my wedding, asking if I could photograph some portraits of a nuclear missileer; the person who takes direct orders from the President of the United States to launch irreversible nuclear missiles capable of reaching the other side of the…

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