FirstBank ‘You Work Hard’ campaign in The Fifty by Ad Club CO

Big thanks to my friends at Image Brew + TDA Boulder for bringing me on to photograph part of a campaign for FirstBank! 

‘You Work Hard’ was recently included in Ad Club CO’s prestigious competition, The Fifty.  Held annually, these awards are a media-agnostic, idea first measurement of the 50 best advertisements in Colorado. 

In the words of Image Brew’s founder Ben Jones.. 

“First Bank needed a dramatic series of short commercial spots and photographic print ads that showed entrepreneurs in their element and working passionately. The theme First Bank wanted to develop is incapsulated in the commercial’s tagline… “You work hard for your business… so should we”.

We wanted to make these commercials as cinematic and relatable as possible, while keeping them refreshingly simple in story. This was achieved by capturing the purest elements of each story, and capturing that in as few, or as many, shots as possible.

Handling all pre-production logistics for both video and photo assets, Image Brew performed the casting, locations, and full production over a 2-day shoot: one for stills, and one for video. Our art team even built a fake air duct within our studio for the photo requirement of having a filthy HVAC technician working inside of one. ”

This was a really fun shoot to execute, and if you’re curious to see how it was done check out my blog post with behind the scenes photos, poorly drawn lighting diagrams, and all sorts of nerdy photo jargon.

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