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  1. The Coffee Ride awarded in International Motion Art Awards 11

    2023-05-10 18:35:00 UTC

    Sometimes you shoot and direct weird stuff with your friends and then it’s selected for the International Motion Art Awards 11 collection! Thanks to AI-AP for the recognition!

  2. Hermanos Gutiérrez at Boulder Theater

    2023-03-31 19:17:24 UTC

  3. The Coffee Ride

    2022-01-31 23:31:22 UTC

    The Coffee Ride roasts by hand and delivers by bike. It’s so old fashioned, it’s new again. I’ve been a fan of the coffee from The Coffee Ride for a while now – but after learning that the owner’s grandfather used to be a milkman himself, I knew this would…

  4. FirstBank ‘You Work Hard’ campaign in The Fifty by Ad Club CO

    2020-02-27 22:13:00 UTC

    Big thanks to my friends at Image Brew + TDA Boulder for bringing me on to photograph part of a campaign for FirstBank!  ‘You Work Hard’ was recently included in Ad Club CO’s prestigious competition, The Fifty.  Held annually, these awards are a media-agnostic, idea first measurement of the…

  5. FirstBank Print Campaign with TDA Boulder and Image Brew

    2019-05-20 21:32:52 UTC

    “We need to show a guy working in an air duct and a busy doctor in an office full of patients” — my friends at Image Brew and TDA Boulder had a request that got my wheels spinning as soon as I hung up the phone. The client for this…

  6. Roads To Ride for Soigneur Cycling Journal

    2018-07-07 15:26:05 UTC

    Soigneur Cycling Journal reached out recently to feature some images from my Front Range photo series, as part of their Roads To Ride feature in the July 2018 issue The rides that Soigneur has featured range from moderate to difficult, including the ride up Pike’s Peak, which means a 19…

  7. DESCENDENTS in Boulder

    2018-06-10 22:52:00 UTC

    DESCENDENTS live. No security, all fun. Photographed at Boulder Theater - 6/8/18.

  8. Detroit Bikes for School

    2016-09-27 16:12:00 UTC

    At the start of fall I was contacted by Boulder-based ad agency School to work together in creating assets for Detroit Bikes, a company whose mission is to encourage cycling by making an accessible, enjoyable bicycle while continuing Detroit’s legacy of quality manufacturing and design The idea for the images…

  9. Modular Robotics Behind The Scenes

    2015-11-15 17:27:00 UTC

    Behind the scenes from a recent photoshoot for Modular Robotics’ ad campaign, with help from Roger! Filmed by Josh Groth. More at

  10. Jen Lewin shot for Work Space

    2015-05-15 21:15:00 UTC

    Meet Jen Lewin, mega creative interactive light and sound artist based in Boulder, Colorado. Her project The Pool has traveled the world and continues to do so.  Shot for Work Space, a personal project about creative people doing cool work in unique spaces.

  11. Jamie Kripke for Work Space

    2014-06-24 23:21:00 UTC

    One of my favorite outtakes from my shoot with photographer Jamie Kripke, for a personal project I’m shooting called Work Space

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