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  1. Polarity

    2020-07-03 14:53:00 UTC

    Fly fishing can be as thrilling as it can humbling, and as defeating as it can, addictive. In the words of Alan Watts, “life is not a conflict between opposites, but a polarity.” A personal project shot in Wyoming’s early spring, made from lunch beers, wet socks, and no cell…

  2. The Platte for This Is Fly

    2017-02-20 18:55:00 UTC

    Sometimes it’s not about where you can go but what you can find where you already are. For our 6th feature for This Is Fly, I joined writer Mark Rauschenberger and pro skier Ahmet Dadali on bikes with fishing rods in hand, to shoot a story based on fishing in…

  3. Night Moves for This Is Fly

    2015-11-01 17:49:00 UTC

    For the October / November 2015 issue of This Is Fly, written by Mark Rauschenberger

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