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  1. The Art Directors Club of Denver Annual Show

    2016-08-31 22:08:00 UTC

    The Art Directors Club of Denver has been in existence since 1955, with an annual juried competition held each year to showcase the best of Denver’s ad agencies and creatives.   After 20 international judges made their picks for this year’s show, I’m pleased to share that both my entries have…

  2. Union Station for Legwork Studio

    2016-08-25 18:17:00 UTC

    Recently I had the chance to work with Legwork Studio here in Denver for a shoot profiling the Union Station neighborhood. Legwork produces animation/interactive work for a range of brands and agencies, and after being a fan of theirs for a few years now it was awesome to finally get…

  3. Stand Up Paddle Boarding for 5280

    2016-08-23 23:30:00 UTC

    Earlier in the summer 5280 reached out to me about shooting some standup paddle boarding (SUP!) somewhere within Colorado. The magazine’s Photo Editor needed an opening image for the Adventure section of their July issue and it had to feel like it was shot on a classically hot Colorado summer…

  4. Millencolin at Summit Music Hall

    2016-06-23 20:58:00 UTC

    6/3/16 - Denver, CO

  5. FLAG at Summit Music Hall

    2016-06-21 15:13:00 UTC

    6/4/16 - Denver, CO

  6. Modular Robotics Behind The Scenes

    2015-11-15 17:27:00 UTC

    Behind the scenes from a recent photoshoot for Modular Robotics’ ad campaign, with help from Roger! Filmed by Josh Groth. More at

  7. Night Moves for This Is Fly

    2015-11-01 17:49:00 UTC

    For the October / November 2015 issue of This Is Fly, written by Mark Rauschenberger

  8. Rapha Golden Ride

    2015-08-01 15:56:00 UTC

  9. Jen Lewin shot for Work Space

    2015-05-15 21:15:00 UTC

    Meet Jen Lewin, mega creative interactive light and sound artist based in Boulder, Colorado. Her project The Pool has traveled the world and continues to do so.  Shot for Work Space, a personal project about creative people doing cool work in unique spaces.

  10. Everything in Transition

    2014-09-27 23:53:00 UTC

    One of the best times of the year in Colorado right now, everything in transition

  11. Jamie Kripke for Work Space

    2014-06-24 23:21:00 UTC

    One of my favorite outtakes from my shoot with photographer Jamie Kripke, for a personal project I’m shooting called Work Space

  12. Wiz Khalifa at Red Rocks, shot for Rolling Stone a few weeks back

    2014-05-15 15:38:30 UTC

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