Bill Stevenson of Descendents / Black Flag / All

Both an honor and a pleasure getting to photograph Bill Stevenson at his studio, The Blasting Room, for my Work Space photo series about creative people doing cool work in interesting spaces.

Being the drummer for Descendents / Black Flag / ALL means you’ve influenced countless drummers out there, some of who include guys like Travis Barker, Josh Freese, and Dave Grohl who all cite Bill’s drumming as massively influential on their musical education.

At the end of our shoot as we worked together in his room full of drums, he told me the history of almost every snare drum he had in there, which albums he recorded them on, tours, etc. I asked him to grab the drum that meant the most to him and he picked the one pictured in the first of this series, as he explained that it was used on all of the early Descendents records.

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