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  1. Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone for HarperCollins

    2023-09-21 20:06:00 UTC

    Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone for the cover of her new book Far Beyond Gold: Running From Fear To Faith Sydney is the reigning Olympic and world champion in women’s 400m hurdles, and also holds the world record in the event! We spent an afternoon shooting…

  2. The Fence 2017

    2017-07-10 16:52:48 UTC

    Honored to share the news that my feature ‘The Fellowship’, photographed for Powder Magazine about the National Brotherhood of Skiers, has been selected for United Photo Industries’ THE FENCE 2017 as part of the Colorado Regional Showcase.  THE FENCE is a large-scale traveling photography exhibition reaching over 4 million visitors…

  3. American Photography 33 Archive

    2017-04-14 18:39:09 UTC

    It’s an honor to say that an image of mine was chosen to be added to the American Photography Archive this year; a portrait from a feature photographed for Powder about the National Brotherhood of Skiers. Winning images are first nominated by a jury and then must receive multiple votes…

  4. How to photograph an incredibly talented trumpeter

    2017-03-29 00:03:00 UTC

    Recently I had the opportunity to photograph an incredibly talented trumpeter by the name of Spencer Ludwig.  You’ve definitely heard his song ’Diggy’ in all of the Target commercials lately, and he’s currently touring throughout North America kicking out the jams.  After some emailing back and forth we decided that…

  5. Jen Lewin shot for Work Space

    2015-05-15 21:15:00 UTC

    Meet Jen Lewin, mega creative interactive light and sound artist based in Boulder, Colorado. Her project The Pool has traveled the world and continues to do so.  Shot for Work Space, a personal project about creative people doing cool work in unique spaces.

  6. In the studio with Mike Giant

    2015-05-07 20:51:00 UTC

    When I heard Mike Giant had relocated from San Francisco to Boulder, I knew I had to email him.  His work has been shown in galleries around the world, and his collaborations include working with brands like Cinelli and Sharpie, with Major Lazer even featuring Mike’s signature style. When Mike…

  7. Bill Stevenson of Descendents / Black Flag / All

    2015-05-06 23:04:00 UTC

    Both an honor and a pleasure getting to photograph Bill Stevenson at his studio, The Blasting Room, for my Work Space photo series about creative people doing cool work in interesting spaces. Being the drummer for Descendents / Black Flag / ALL means you’ve influenced countless drummers out there, some…

  8. Niklas Eriksson

    2014-08-23 23:46:00 UTC

    Niklas Eriksson on top of Schweitzer Mountain during a shoot for Level 1’s new film, Less

  9. Chef Tommy Lee for Fellow

    2014-04-11 23:30:00 UTC

    Luck & Noodles // New work I shot of Uncle’s Chef Tommy Lee for the latest issue of Fellow More at

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