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  1. Joseph Gray for Red Bull

    18 Nov 2020

    This fall Red Bull brought¬†me on to shoot a feature for the Heroes issue of¬†The Red Bulletin¬†again ‚Ästthis time with Joseph Gray, an 8x World Trail/Mountain Running Champ and 18x USA National Champ.¬† Joseph¬†is also¬†the first Black American to not only make the Team‚Ķ

  2. Thomas “Detour” Evans for Red Bull

    19 Nov 2019

    Earlier this fall Red Bull reached out to me as they needed some portraits of an artist by the name of Thomas Evans, aka, Detour. These portraits would go on to run in Red Bull’s magazine The Red Bulletin, which highlighted not only the artist himself but also an upcoming…

  3. Dave Mackey for The Red Bulletin

    04 Dec 2018

    When Red Bull reached out to me about¬†photographing a¬†feature on¬†Ultrarunner¬†Dave Mackey for their magazine,¬†The Red Bulletin,¬†I couldn‚Äôt believe the story I was being asked to photograph. The feature¬†would¬†be included in the magazine‚Äôs¬†first¬†‚ÄėHeroes Of The Year‚Äô issue¬†and I quickly‚Ķ

  4. Red Bull BC One Denver 2015

    03 Jul 2015

    At the start of June, Red Bull reached out to ask if I could shoot the Denver stop of their worldwide breakdancing competition, the Red Bull BC One. Going for 12 years now, the BC One takes place in notable cities around the globe, with the world finals happening in…

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