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  1. Hermanos Gutiérrez at Globe Hall

    2022-11-11 18:00:16 UTC

  2. Dog The Bounty Hunter for HarperCollins

    2022-08-22 22:57:00 UTC

    Getting an email from HarperCollins about photographing an upcoming book cover for them was a cool surprise. What made it even better is that I’d be photographing someone we all know – Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman The concept for the shoot was to create a high contrast portrait…

  3. AAA HealthConnect

    2022-04-20 17:52:00 UTC

    Back in February I was given the opportunity to shoot new assets for AAA HealthConnect with my friends at Fact & Fiction! HealthConnect focuses on healthy aging with reliable information, trusted resources, and personal support for 55+ year olds navigating through life’s transitions. The shoot was a fun and fast…

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